Hear the Wind Sing​

                                                                                                                                       Chae Eunyeoung

                                                                                                                                     Art director, Critic

Things pass us by.

Nobody can catch them.

That´s the way we live our lives.

Haruki Murakami   <Hear the Wind Sing>

As fluffy white clouds like cotton balls in the blue autumn sky slowly move along with the earth behind the wall of the

residency where the Beaufort piece is shining in silver, I was reminded of Murakami´s <Hear the Wind Sing> that portrays a life looking for another path after youth. In <Hear the Wind Sing>, which starts with a sentence "There´s no such thing as perfect writing, just like there´s no such thing as perfect despair," features a writer has been writing stories for 10 years where no one dies and no one has sex.

# Overthrowing Conventional Perception

Tobias Brembeck´s ´Beaufort`piece was inspired by the Beaufort wind scale, which is a scale with 13 ratings - 0 to 12 - that was used in the 19th century by a British admiral named Beaufort before the anemometer was widely used. The audience that became aware of this information assumes that the name of the works, <Beaufort 4>, <Beaufort 5>, <Beaufort (Falls)> and <Beaufort 1 (Early in the morning)>, are related to the wind scale and perhaps move according to the scale. The audience will count the number of poles and aluminium pipes.

Unlike the expectations of the audience, the number in the title is just the number of the pipes, except for the center support. It is not related to the Beaufort wind scale at all. For example, <Beaufort 3> consists of four pipes in total, but, excluding the center pole, the remaining three pipes are connected as flags. As such, the audience´s conventional perception of Beaufort as a standardized wind scale falls into confusion with the work of this artist. However, since the artist is not a scientist or an engineer, he says whether the standard measurement is correct is not important.

The form of the image and the information in the text that is read in the everyday space constitute a visible world based on objective facts and social promises. The artist chooses a scientific measurement unit to overthrow a conventional understanding and evokes invisibility beyond this visible space containing images and text.

# Visualizing an Invisible Space

The Beaufort pieces are installed outdoors. When installed indoors, they just look like installations made from aluminium pipes since there is no wind. The flags connected to the flagpole make the audience anticipate movement. The audience observes this solid, but shiny, object with anxiety, waiting for it to move, but that is impossible when it´s installed indoors.

One of the interesting indoor installations is <Beaufort 1 (Early in the morning)>. When the top and bottom pipes are moved, a silver wire draws a circle and creates a new space. It is regrettable that this variation of the space can be experienced only by the audience and the artist himself for the purposes of the piece´s stability. It is more attractive because it is not a kinetic piece that uses mechanical manipulation or configuration, but visualized as a simple kinetic energy of the human body that changes the position of the pipe and wire.

If recent kinetic installations focus on excessive mechanical devices and dramatic organisation, the Beaufort pieces are made of aluminium pipes and are less likely to move. A wind strong enough to move the Beaufort flags must have quite a fast velocity. A flag that does not flutter and a wind scale that does not follow the scale level show the artist´s thoughts on art and its uselessness.

# Positioning for Self-Velocity

The ´Just Wing It´series is popular nowadays on social media platforms, and the book <I Almost Lived a Busy Life> mentions <Hear the Wind Sing>. It may be a reaction to Korean society becoming embedded with neo-liberalism after a period of compressed modernization, but the velocity of the artist, not only in everyday life, but also under the condition where art is closely related to public capital and this system is the beginning of positioning  for self-potential. The artist recently said that he is striving to apply for support in order to establish an international position and he´s been distancing himself from a series of situations in which he participates in projects.

The Beaufort scale is used for the velocity of wind that moves within a unit time. Velocity is the amount of vector that shows the velocity of an object by measuring the displacement of the position vector that moved within unit time. On the other hand, speed is the distance an object has travelled within a unit of time. Speed only measures how fast, but velocity includes the size and the direction. It´s unclear if this is what the artist intended, but velocity in the Beaufort series is a metaphor for how the artist will establish his self-velocity in the process of self-organisation.

When I saw the Beaufort piece hanging on top of the outer wall, I was reminded of the novelist´s words in <Hear the Wind Sing> where he looks at an ancient tomb and listens to the sound of the wind and feels that everything is becoming one and flowing into the space. In the moment when the shiny silver pipes move swiftly in the blue autumn sky, my heart is waiting for the breeze to embrace me and connect my anticipation to the artist with a different velocity and direction that shows something.






                       Die Sonne



                       Durch die Logik des Rundseins
                       kreist der Blick rund um die Mitte.

                       Durch die Logik der Schwerkraft
                       sucht das Vertikale das Horizontale.


                       Durch die Logik der Farbe strahlt
                       das Gelbe in alle Himmelsrichtungen aus.

                       Durch die Logik des Unvollendeten
                       sucht der Maler die Fülle.

                       Durch die Logik des Sinnlichen
                       füllt der Raum sich mit Wärme

                       und Licht.

                                                                       Jisue Byun